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    Your name: Daniel
    Your age: 22
    Your country: Sweden
    Average number of hours per week you play WoW: ~25-45+ (more if needed)
    Your connection: 24/1
    Your usual occupation outside of the game: Currently working around 1-2weeks / month. Will start studying after summer.
    Which days and hours can you attend to raid?: When I work: Any day after 17pm (CET). When I don’t work. Any time after 1pm (CET)

    [Your character]:

    Character name: Illiomo
    Character race: Worgen
    Character class: Mage
    Character level: 85
    Your character’s main & secondary spec: Arcane/fire
    Are you ready you use your Dual Specialization for the course of the raid?: Yes.
    Your professions and their levels (primary & secondary): Jewelcrafting and Tailoring (both maxed). Archaeology, cooking, first aid (all maxed). Fishing (517/525)
    Your character /played time: 158days (total). 12days, 9hour (this level)

    Please make the following links clickable by using the given option in the formatting panel!
    Character armory link: Illiomo’s armory
    Post your interface screenshot link:i687.photobucket.com/albums/vv235/Illiomo/WoW/WoWScrnShot_052911_025841.jpg[Previous raid progress]:

    Raid experience in Wrath of the Lich King content (name the raid dungeons you’ve been to, and what your role was in those dungeons. Be extensive!):
    Came in late on Wrath of the Lich King so only raided ICC 10man (full clear + first 4 bosses in heroic).
    Killed all bosses in Trial of the crusade 25man except for Anub’arak
    Cleared Vault of Archavon

    Raid experience in Classic & The Burning Crusade content:
    In vanilla I cleared whole molten core and blackwing lair. Also killed first three bosses in Ahn’Qiraj. And finally, Onyxia.
    In Burning Crusade I cleared everything.


    Your previous guild:

    Reason for leaving the previous guild (Be extensive!): Hiveminds children. Left the guild when I went to play Rift. When I came back to World of Warcraft it had turned into an alt guild.

    Your reason to join Maelstrom (Be extensive!): I have two friends in Maelstrom and they have told me that it’s a nice and friendly guild which raids. Those are the things I look for in a guild and in an MMO.

    What do you expect from Maelstrom? (Be extensive!): Active raiding. A fun and friendly community.

    What Maelstrom can expect from you? (Be extensive!): An active raider. A nice and focused person.

    Are you able to use forum daily and not shy to post?: Yes

    Give out a bit of information about yourself: As mentioned above. I’m an active raider who are not afraid to speak on teamspeak. Back in tbc I was hardcore rading (5-6days / week if I remember right) so capable of it if needed.
    I love trying on new encounters in raids and find the best part of raiding being when you kill a new boss for the first time. I’m also an officer / raidleader in an multi gaming communtiy but not playing with them anymore after we closed down our Rift chapter.

    Have you done your homework? This means studying the tactics for the encounters we are going to: As far as reading gets me (Learning best by trying it out myself)

    You have read the recruit contract (http://winterfell…ead_id=332), guild rules and agree 100% to them: Yes

    Do you know anyone in the guild?: Scobl and Karzack

    Any additional information you would like to provide?: No. But if there’s any question I gladly answer them.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by  Illiomo.

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