How do you get loot?

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    How do you get loot?

    Firstly, install RCLootCouncil. When an item drops, the add-on will check what you currently have. We will use WoW BiS as a main guideline. You can also download the add-on BestInSlot. On this add-on, you can set up your BiS list.

    Some classes aren’t 100% accurate. You can add a note about this when you respond to the masterlooter about wanting an item.

    We will give loot to the person who it benefits the most and benefits the guild..

    If you do not get an item, there is always next week. Please select with caution, especially heroic loot.

    • We find a good council size to be 5. You want an odd number, and enough people for their to be some diversity in the votes. This is also a good way to build goodwill and trust, so your raiders can see for themselves how the voting process works.
      • RCLootCouncil shows a lot of information about loot candidates including time since last upgrade, current ilevel, and current item in the relevant item slot. This makes unfair votes immediately visible–if there’s 2 BiS candidates and one person has a 705 and the other person has a 720, votes for the person with a 720 are immediately suspicious.
    • A rotating council spot is probably the best way to alleviate drama, as well as maybe making some of the deliberation public. If we’re voting on a trinket and we have it down to 2 people and we’re not sure who will benefit most from it, we’ll bring the discussion to TeamSpeak and ask the candidates (and everyone else) what will be the greatest benefit for the raid. This is especially relevant for things like Archimonde trinkets where they’re amazing for some people and simply okay for others.
    • RCLootCouncil
      • We’ve configured it with 5 buttons: BiS, Major Upgrade, Minor Upgrade/Reroll, Offspec, Transmog and Pass . These are in order of priority.
      • Reroll is the vote you take for  for Tier/Archi tokens rerolls,  By Tier/Archi rerolls we mean trying to get a warforged/socketed piece. If we have multiple Rerolls, we have the people /roll for it.
      • Offspec If we have multiple offspecs, first we evaluate if the person actually uses their offspecs in raid for us. If yes, they get priority. Otherwise, /roll.
      • Best in Slot > Big Upgrade (10+ ivl) > Small Upgrade (<10 ilvl / other stats, socket etc) > Off Specc > Pass. Important to know is that tokens are not voted BiS on. Small for 1st/3rd tier piece, big for 2pc/4pc or upgrade from a nhc to HC/hc to mythic one. People who voted BiS will be ignored for that item,
      • The criteria we use for loot distribution is pretty extensive and not in any particular order. BiS>Major>Minor>OS, quality of player, attendance, current overall ilevel, current piece ilevel, whether or not the piece will complete a set bonus, if it’s an offpiece whether or not they have the other tier piece they need, raider/officer > trial, benefit to the raid.


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    LOOT RULES & How the Council Works


    Member+ > Recruit > social-


    How we try to do it the basics

    Try to get people to 4 or 2 set ASAP.

    We try to not give 2 tier parts to the same person in one night if another has need for it following the same rules if it gives 4 or 2. If nobody else needs then of course the person needing wins. if its a deciding factor of person has already won in that night and another has same amount of set items then prio will go to the person who has not already won tier that night. following same logic.

    This may mean as we move from normals to heroics that someone gets a heroic piece before you as you have 4 set already from normals.

    • If there is any issue you have about the looting process please please SPEAK UP about it either on teamspeak or in whisper to an officer or later after the run. We try not to make mistakes but sometimes they happen. We assume people roll because they need an item we don’t stop to inspect people as this wastes time when everyone should be mature and aware on what they are rolling & require ( get PAWN addon if not sure it helps!!)
    • Please do not sit fuming in silence about something that you believe has been done wrong or missed in error. SPEAK UP so we can try to resolve the issue or explain why the loot was done in that way (this also goes for anything else with the raid / guild). speak up & we can try to solve the issue. Don’t be silent and then quit and complain about something when we cant help to solve the problem.
    • The error may be ours and we will try to fix it. The error may be your in understanding why  & how we do things. it may not be an error but just a new decision/rule needing made for a situation that hasn’t occurred before. SPEAK UP !!

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