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    [General]: Zodd?

    Your name: Ben
    Your age: 26
    Your country: NL
    Average number of hours per week you play WoW: 30
    Is your connection Stable:

    Your usual occupation outside of the game: Reading, i’m an editorial manager
    Which days and hours can you attend to raid?: Any day, Any time

    [Your character]: a MAGE!

    Character name:Worldsinger
    Character class:Mage
    Your character’s main & secondary spec: Arcane
    Are you ready you use your Dual Specialization for the course of the raid?: No, i don’t have the correct stats on my gear for it.
    Your character /played time: 228 Days
    Character armory link: Worldsinger
    Video/link to screenshot of UI during a raid: UI during BLOODY LFR on a BLOODY warrior

    [Previous raid progress]: There was some yes
    7/7HC 10/10HC, 9/9N 5/9HC

    Raid experience in Draenor content (name the raid dungeons you’ve been to, and what your role was in those raids. Be extensive!):
    I’m going to be as extensive as I possible can be without instantly revealing what can basically be summed up with just one word: None, didn’t play, it was a shit expansion.

    Raid experience in Classic , The Burning Crusade, WOTLK, cataclysm, Pandaria content (how far you got while content was relevant):
    Classic: no raids
    TBC: Full progression up till 7/7 Sunwell
    WOTLK: LK HC kill on max w/e that buff was called
    Cata: Killed Big dragon when it was relevant progression. (TWICE, goddamn DIE already)
    Panda: Barely raided, played at the start and did some Siege HC near end. No mythic whatsoever.

    [Guild]: Band of Brothers!
    Your previous guild: Sugar Rush, Hollandse Glorie
    Reason for leaving the previous guild : Guild died, Guild died.
    Your reason to join Maelstrom (Be extensive!): You guys we’re looking for a mage in trade chat, your raiding times appealed to me. Pugging raids atm, and it’s either hit or miss, and it’s not really an enjoyable experience so far. Also, I keep trying to jump INTO the maelstrom and its just not quite working, I’m trying a different tactic now.
    What do you expect from Maelstrom? (Be extensive!): Well, i’m looking for a place where I can enjoy myself, so I’m hoping it will be a decent fit. So friendly environment, good people, drinks etc.
    Are you able to use forum daily and not shy to post?: I am able, but honestly I don’t see a point in forum posts, they’re a bit arbitrary and a completely outdated platform of communication. And no I wouldn’t call myself shy, I shall express my opinion on matters.

    Give us a bit of information about yourself:
    Err.. I like reading, smoking and playing CS:GO besides playing wow of course.
    I’m also a bit of a television show addict.

    Have you done your homework? This means studying the tactics for the encounters we are going to: I’m familiar with current content, reading guides, watching videos on youtube, this is actually the only area I do homework for. Also I really like not dying.

    Do you know anyone in the guild?: No

    Any additional information you would like to provide?: Who randomly makes screenshots during a raid encounter.. that’s a dps loss!
    Also I have an issue with #12 of your profile. Who the hell kicks people in the ass. So violent :<

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    Whisper anyone when your online and they can invite you or will put you in touch with someone who can invite.

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