Guild Rules

1. Minimum age 17 for Raiders unless you can prove to act like a responsible person . Young kids will not be accepted. The most important thing is that a person can act mature, players who can’t will be kicked no matter their age. Social friends can be younger .

2. No selling in gchat, continuous trading in guild chat is not allowed.

3. Ninjalooting will result in an immediate kick from the guild.

4. No flaming, moneybegging or any other stuff that gives the name Maelstrom a bad rep. Mature players will know what we are talking about. Failure to comply will result in an immediate warning and possibly removal from the guild.

5. Don’t apply to other guilds while in Maelstrom , active raiders or other that are seen as a resource to the guild will receive a warning. Others will be kicked. Players who diss Maelstrom in their application in any way will be kicked without a warning. If you apply to another guild, have the decency to tell an officer and preferably tell why you’re doing it too.

6. Officers are always right

7. If by any chance an officer is wrong, see above rule for clarification.

8. You must continue to signup to show your interest in progressing this guild. You may not be selected everytime you sign but you MUST continue to sign. Attempt to signup 24+ hours in advance so officers/raid leader can select the run in advance. If for some reason you may have to wait till the day of the raid to sign ( due to work or family unknowns ) then inform an officer that that is the case and it can be taken into consideration for raid invite planning.

9. All conversations in raid or gchat is in english and we are polite to each other. no other languages. Any problems with anything said in guild chat bring to the attention of an officer and that officer will try to address the issue.

10 If something bad happens you are supposed to blame Talvalin for it

11. Forum is a main communications channel for the guild, register and use it

12. The guild management can at any time take your membership under review. This will hopefully never happen, only on occasions with repeatedly or major failure to comply with guild rules.

13. Administrators and moderators on the forum have the right to remove/lock threads that are not suitable. I.e flaming, spamming, discrimination etc. Users can also be banned from the forum for such things. And can be kicked from guild.

14. Anyone Not seen as being an asset to guild progression due to non-attendance or not gearing up well will be set to social . Recruits will simply be removed.

15. Fellow Guild members are not here to power level you. We don’t mind being asked to help, but please consider the fact that we are “playing” this game too.

16. If you cant raid 3 days a week inform an officer , if an officer isn’t informed you may be demoted to Social.

17. DO NOT JOIN RAID BOUND INSTANCES with other guilds unless having cleared to do so with an officer. Going with other groups into raid instances reduces gear drops for our guild for the week and is not acceptable.  You must be available for this guild.

These rules may sound a bit harsh, but they are made up to ‘guarantee’ we have a bigger chance to play the game like we want it to play, and we would like you to be part in that. More to come…

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